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Beepees (audio visual productions) registered with Indian motion picture producer’s association, Mumbai is a Jharkhand based production house, working in the fields of music and cultural heritage since decades along with audio - video films, advertisements, mobile IVRs, documentary films, music albums and event management. Beepees is runned by Mrs. Mitali Ghosh wife of Late. Mr. Bulu Ghosh, the director, who had started his career as early as 1970s, at the age of just 16yrs with a band named “Bulu Papa”. This band, rather a family which included his younger brother as well Late (Papa) Proshanto Ghosh and very close friends, was undoubtedly the best band in Jharkhand, then Bihar.






It’s isn’t too hard to believe that people used to come out in crowds just to have a glimpse of the show. Later in the year 1979, the team had its youngest and newest member Mitali Ghosh as the Female Lead singer. Mitali, with her mesmerizing voice and outstanding singing skills soon was entitled the “Nightingale of Ranchi”.

















Numerous stage shows across the country with the then top Bollywood playback artistes, namely Asha Bonsle, Ila Arun, Usha Uthup, Abhijeet, Udit Narayan,  Jojo, Alka Yagnik, Late Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh, and so on was all Bulu Papa & Party used to be engrossed in. Till date, Mitali has recorded hundreds of albums in different languages like Bhojpuri, Nagpuri, Bangla, Oriya, Rajasthani etc. Bulu married Mitali in 1980 and thereafter in 1983 opened their first audio studio named – BEEPEES the first recording studio registered as small scale industries with the motto to enhance the musical talents and establish a music industry in Ranchi, which was later expanded to a full blown audio/video studio with the latest equipment’s and outboards one could have. 


Today, Beepees Audio Visuals, now also known as Beeps officially, being the oldest and the largest media house of Bihar-Jharkhand, undoubtedly falls under the leading quadrant of Bihar-Jharkhand’s music sector with expertise and specialization for over 43 years.  It is a one stop shop for all music – art – events – lovers. Beeps Music Studios have its own state-of-the-art fully integrated Studio under one roof at one of Ranchi’s prime location where the heart of the entertainment business beats.


Bulu Ghosh, also well known as the 'Mogul of Jharkhand's Music Industry', is the also the proud founder and president of Beeps Institute of Music - Media and Arts, in the interest of upliftment and preservation of local art, music and culture. Very few walking in this direction, have enjoyed consistency in their creative endeavors, considering state being highly conservative and profound to its aesthetic values, was difficult to be convinced to accept this as a full blown profession, however and even fewer have managed to create an organization that has become an integral part of the entertainment business in Jharkhand-Bihar. BEEPEES has merited this unique distinction.

Papa used to play Bass Guitar

"Mukul - Gautam - Papa - Bulu"

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Mitali Ghosh performing with Band Bulu & Papa