Very simply the invention of the movie camera in the late 19th century started the miracle called Cinema. From extremely basic hand-cranked devices to the extremely sophisticated film and HD cameras of today-the history of cinematography is synonymous with the history of Cinema itself.

The persons looking through the viewfinder, controlling aperture, focus, shutter angle and lighting are the magicians called Cinematographers.

As Sven Nyquist, a world-renowned cinematographer puts it "The art of cinematography is nothing but the art of painting with light". But artistry apart, Cinematography is also a highly technical field. A good Cinematographer needs to know the physics of optics, the chemistry of laboratory processing, the electronics of video cameras and the mathematics of exposure. If ever there was a profession that married science and art, it is the profession of Cinematography. It is the Cinematographers who become the "eye" of the Director, transposing his/her vision into unforgettable images that leave an indelible impression on our minds.

The students doing the Cinematography Course at B.I.M.M.A  are not only given hands-on practical training in film and digital cameras along with extensive lensing and lighting practicals, but are also given a rigorous input in the aesthetics of image making.

We prepare our students doing the Cinematography Course to be able to perform in all kinds of shooting conditions, be it the studio floor, the exterior space or a combination of interior and exterior lighting conditions.We also train them to work as part of a collaborative team and be able to communicate with the Director and understand his or her requirements fully.

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