Forms of Bhojpuri Folk Music-Song :

  • Kajri

  • Nachari

  • Purva

  • Chaita

  • Phagua

  • Nirgun

  • Birha

  • Lagani

  • Pachara

  • Bhajan

  • Kirtan

Learn Bhojpuri folk songs... 

The folk music of Bihar has so deeply permeated in the life of the people that it is still alive. It has been preserved infact by the women folk of Mithila in particular and by the village folk, especially the devotees who still keep it alive. It is a pleasure to hear women sing the songs. Bihar, in the ancient times has been an important place for dance and music. In places like Vaishali and Rajgir, in ancient Bihar, beautiful girls acted asNagar Shobhinis or town ornaments (courtesans). Lord Buddha himself accepted this fact and he himself received an invitation from Amrapalli, the chief courtesan of Vaishali. Theses girls were proficient in music and dancing and were part of processions of religious and social nature. It appears that singing and dancing were the chief amusements of that age. Bhajans,Kirtans, singing of religious songs accompanied by musical instruments like Jhal, Dholak, Harmonium, etc, are still quite common, although this form of entertainment in the villages is on the decline. Entertainment by the singing of lyrics in particular season is also a typical characteristic. Kajari,Chaita,Birha and Basant songs in different seasons hold a special appeal for the villagers. While turning the grinding stone to grind the grain, women-folk burst into ‘Jatasari’ songs. ‘Sohar’ and ‘Jhumar’ songs are forms of traditional entertainment. In jhumar, there is a synthesis of both music and dance. Pastoral songs appeal particularly to the rural folk and these songs constitute significant element of local folklore.

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