• How to play your Instrument
  • How to play along with Karaoke & Beats
  • How to perform acoustic version 
  • Studio techniques
  • Experiencing the charm of music
  • Understand the situation, composition, play with Feel etc are taught with finer detailing and practical demonstration

Light Music  Instrumental

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  • Celebration musics  for special occasions such as weddings, birthday, aniversary etc.

  • Music for specific festivals & seasons such as ‘Holi’, ‘Basant’, ‘Lohri’, ‘Sawan’, etc.

  • Film / Movie Background music 

  • How to write music 

  • Understand the situation for background music of the project

  • Accompaniment with any type of singer

Geet, Ghazal, Bhajan, Kirtan, Petrioatic, Motivational songs are main part of light music in India.

Modern, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Blues and other contemporary styles of Vocal music with guitar and keyboard as an accompaniment. The scale, the intervalist and sequential aspects of development or progression. The conceiving of harmony, chords, counterpoint and tonality etc are taught in finer details with demonstration.  


This section is meant for people who see music as a mode of entertainment and encouragement. Here the musician is engaged mostly in the act of performance. We teach contemporary Bollywood songs and as well as Hindi Movie classics. The artist is off course quite well aware of the grammatical character of the raga as he sets out to sing / play.

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