Performing artists entertain and express through music, dance, and theater. Completing a bachelor's degree in performing arts is not necessary for success as a performer. However, a formal education can enhance a performance artist's skills and provide increased opportunities for performance experience.
Performing artists generally receive some type of formal training, though it may not necessarily be through a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program. Some community colleges offer associate's degrees in the performing arts to prepare students for entry into a B.A. or B.F.A. program.​

Private Music Teachers must adapt their lessons to individual student’s interests and area that need improvement. We says that the most important part of the work is “helping them get fired up to learn stuff” and that the skills taught in his/hers lessons are essential “for life as well as music.”
Music Teachers at Elementary, Middle, and High School often also teach Choir, Orchestra or Band, as well. Private Music Teachers can either work out of a rented studio at a music school or out of their own homes. Depending on the client and the hourly rate charged, some teachers will also travel to students’ homes.

Find out how to become an event planner. Learn about the experience you need to advance your career in event planning.
An event planner is a highly organized, multi-tasking professional who arranges conventions, festivals, ceremonies and similar types of events. Event planners select event dates, establish locations and arrange accommodations and transportation for event participants. Other common event planning duties include drawing up contracts. While there are no hard education requirements to get started in this career. Keeping up with deadlines pulling off a successful event might be very rewarding for these planners.

If you are looking to do something in music business, something great, getting your head around the big picture is one of the most important elements of success. It’s not about only the marketing and promotion. How to make to book a tour , or how to manage your social media. Those are all important pieces of success.

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