Indian Classical Instrumental

Shastriya Sangeet - Instrumental 

Music that is sung and played by strictly following the rules of notes, rhythm, melody and harmonyis called Classical Music of India or ‘Shastriya Sangeet’ in India. Despite its strong technical connection and a tendency to follow established rules in music, Classical or Shastriya Sangeet is extremely pleasing to the ears.


Though Indian Classical Music offers a lot of scope for improvisation, musicians & artists can do so while following the rules and guidelines of such music. Ragas are the guiding force behind melodies in Indian music and musicians have the liberty to improvise after selecting the basic raga and taal format.


Classical Music forms an important part of Indian Music in India. Shastriya Sangeet is a well art form in India and is widely popular especially with those sections of the society who have an ear for such music. Well established and distinguished performers in the field of Classical Music are bestowed with titles to their names as a mark of respect. Some of the common titles include ‘Ustad’ and ‘Pandit’, among others.


Some of the instruments associated with Classical Music include the Veena, Sitar, Bansuri. Sarangi, Sarod, Shehnai, Tabla and the Harmonium.

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