Western Music




Give your son or daughter an expert-led education. At Praise, we recognise that every child’s musical talent is unique. Each child is different from the next, from learning styles to pace and capabilities. As such, we offer a wide variety of programs that cater each child’s individuality. These music lessons are led by our growing range of highly qualified and dedicated teachers, and include everything from pre-school group music appreciation courses to an Accelerated Program for gifted musicians. 

Our studio facilities are designed to allow our students round the year opportunities to perform with the faculty to hone their performance skills. We offer group and individual programs for a range of instruments, with some of the most comprehensive and accessible guitar lessons, piano, drums and vocal lessons in Ranchi.

And to put “creativity” into music making, we’ve even written our own improvisation books. This dedication ensures that students who engage our institution for music lessons are not only well trained technically in classical music, they are also confident to accompany in the church or “just have fun” arranging their own accompaniments.


We want to be a premier music school in the neighbourhood delivering top quality education for piano, keyboard, flute, guitar, violin and viola.

Our high standards and our holistic curriculum makes us the school of choice for any serious student of music, it’s easy to give your child the best possible musical education.

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